Typical Applications of Custom Built Multi-Purpose Fiberglass Buildings

Industrial Storage Building
One Piece Drop Over Enclosure
Cooling Tower Pump Building
Jobsite Guard Post
Custom Lift Pump Station Cover
Penthouse Structures
Cashier Attendant Kiosk with Public Restroom
Chemical Material Storage Building
Clean Room Enclosure
Sea Going Barge Housing
Fueling Station Kiosk
Crane Liftable Chemical Process Building
Chimney Stack Pollution Monitoring Enclosure
Chlorination & De-Chlorination Enclosure
Communication & Telecommunication Equipment Building
Emergency Generator Enclosure
Fiberglass Digester Dome
Radioactive Decontamination Building
Motor Control Center Building
Electro Static Dissipative (ESD) Clean Room Building
Custom Modules & Addition
Natural Gas Odorizer Building
Navigation Equipment Enclosure
Open Area Test Site (OATS) Building
Hazardous Area Personnel Building
Hazardous Material Storage Building
Corrosive Chemical Storage Building
Electronic Equipment Building (arched roof for very high snow load)
Personnel Decontamination Building
Radiation Monitoring Enclosure
Radioactive Equipment Storage Building
Salt Storage Building
Wastewater Treatment Building
Fire Hydrant Enclosures
Turbine Rotor Enclosure
Typical Oversize Shipment
"Lean To" Style One Slope Roof Storage Removable Roof Capabilities on Storage Building Enclosure  
"Lean To" Style One Slope Roof Removable Roof Capabilities  

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