AutoCAD Drawings for Custom Built Multi-Purpose Fiberglass Buildings

If you would like to create your own drawing, we’ll help you get started.

Before you proceed, you must have Autocad software (.dwg extension) on your computer.

First, download directions for creating a "Preliminary Drawing Directions" and print.
This download consists of a Word Document or a PDF Document.

Second, download the “Symbols Options” zip folder. (Auto Cad LT Application)

Third, select a length and width from the drop down box. Follow the directions included in the "Preliminary Drawing Directions" downloaded above.

Length Width

Note: All preliminary drawings indicate a 7’4” Eave Height which will accommodate 6’8” access doors. Increased eave heights are required for taller doors, (i.e.: 7’8” eave height for a 7’0 door). Eave heights up to 28’6” are possible. Please call for any custom applications or beyond dimensions shown.

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