Custom Built Multi-Purpose Fiberglass Buildings Features and Advantages

Structurally cored advanced composite building panels for greater insulation, strength and stiffness values. Energy efficient space saving profile.
  Engineered free standing roof systems offers high snow capability and absolute reliability in the harshest conditions.   Removable lifting eyes for optional placement or easy access to obstructed equipment.  
Industrial F.R.P, skinned insulated doors with extruded aluminum frame, jamb and threshold with integral weather stripping, heavy duty locksets and hinges.




Maintenance free exterior finish. Each shell is molded with a durable high gloss U.V. resistant gel coat providing years of carefree service.
Unlimited color selection. We can match your existing schemes and enhance environmental aesthetics.



Leak proof connecting flange design insures all modular joints are air and water tight.



Custom tailored and molded accessories allow design and cost efficiencies. Better utility and ease of use.
  Project specific structural bases for easy fork or crane transport to site locations.   Tough fiberglass reinforced plastic (F.R.P.) provides excellent impact and corrosion resistance, high strength and low weight.  


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