Options Available in Mekco's Custom Built Multi-Purpose Fiberglass Buildings

We can custom build as simple or as turn-key as required.

Structural Construction:
  Concrete Slab Mounted
Fire Retardance    
Insulation Base Mounted:
Thermal Barrier Crane Liftable
Interior Finish Fork Liftable
Structural Core Flooring
Interior Partition Walls    
Extreme Roof Loads Lifting:
Extreme Wind Loads Building Only
    Roof Only
Single Access – Blank Heating
Single Access w/Window    
Double Access – Blank Ventilation:
Double Access w/Windows Power
Roll-up Convective
Sliding Air Conditioning
Hatch Access    
Bulk Head Electrical Wiring:
Windows: Switches
Fixed Receptacles
Operable Service Disconnect
    Load Centers
Removable Wall Sections Plumbing
Removable Roof    
    Wall Attachments:


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