MEKCO® Onsite System

The Mekco Onsite System is modular job site office that comes with fully-integrated, plug and play systems. This fiberglass entity is robustly constructed for a variety of work environments like:

  • Construction job site offices

  • Field offices or labs

  • Training facilities

  • Recruitment offices

  • Maintenance facilities

Pricing Starting at $15,000*

* Pricing is based on an 8’ x 15’ system. All system features can be added or deducted – based on situational needs and configurations. Call 920-693-8163 or request a quote for more info.


  • Plug and play set-up

  • Sized to fit through most overhead doors

  • Wireless compatible (zero signal attenuation)

  • RF and cellular transparency

  • Sound reduction (approximately -22 dB or greater)

  • Staff comfort provisions

  • Safety systems

  • Flame retardant materials

  • Security measures

  • System modularity and mobility

  • Durability and longevity

Features and Options

  • Molded fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) walls and roof with white UV resistant gelcoat (other colors available)

  • 30 Amps, 120/240 V - single phase (standard). Solar and generator-powered options are available

  • LED interior lighting (exterior LED lighting available)

  • Fully insulated, 2-part polyurethane painted steel base (with carpeted option). Base is an optional feature

  • Multiple base pick-points available (other rigging options available)

  • Convenience receptacles with USB charging integration

  • Safety features come standard (panic bar exit device, fire extinguisher, carbon monoxide detector, HEPA filtration)

  • Integrated air-conditioning and heat (standard units are made for outside temperature ranges of 0°F – 90°F)

  • R7- R21 insulated walls and ceiling (un-insulated options are also available).

  • Office essentials (tailor-fit work station, chair, clock, and filing cabinet) can be included

  • Integrated solid-core paneling for shelving and other wall-mounted structure can be integrated

  • Programmable entryway lock (optional)

  • Additive geometry for joining multiple MEKCO® Onsite Systems together

  • Wash-down capable

  • Made for interior and exterior applications (all units are hydro-tested prior to shipment)

  • Knock-down options available

  • Built to withstand 35 psf snow loads and 25 psf wind loads (standard)

  • Designed and Fabricated in Wisconsin, USA

Please call 920-693-8163 or request a quote for more info. Ask about volumetric pricing options. 


MEKCO® products are proudly made in Wisconsin