• Equipment Houses

  • Oversize Shipment Protection

  • Salt Storage Sheds

  • Fire Hydrant Enclosures

  • Digester Domes

  • Marine and Coastal Buildings

  • Natural Gas Odorizer Buildings

  • Radiation Monitoring Enclosures

  • Emergency Generator Enclosures

  • Navigation Equipment Enclosures

  • Hazardous Area Personnel Buildings

  • Chemical Material Storage

  • Open Air Test Sites (OATS)

  • Hazardous Material Storage

  • Corrosive Chemical Storage

  • Radioactive Decontamination Structures

  • Chlorination and Dechlorination Enclosures

  • Communication and Telecommunication Equipment Buildings

  • Rooftop structures

  • Fueling station kiosks

  • Nonmetallic Test Labs

  • High Voltage Enclosures

  • Lift Pump Station Covers

  • Turbine Rotor Enclosures

  • Chemical Wash Buildings

  • Custom Corridors

  • Motor Control Centers

  • Wastewater Treatment

  • Chemical Processing Structures

  • Cooling Tower Pump Buildings

  • Homeland Security Guard Posts

  • Personnel Decontamination Buildings

  • Radioactive Equipment Storage

  • Chimney Stack Pollution Monitoring Enclosures

  • Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Test Buildings

  • Electrostatic Dissipative (ESD) Clean Rooms


Structural Construction

  • General purpose FRP

  • Fire Retardant FRP

  • Insulation (R7, R11, R14, R21, R28)

  • Equipment mounting panels

  • NEMA 3R certifications

  • Knockdown capable

  • Preassembled

  • Removable panel options

  • Removable roof options


  • Load centers and receptacles

  • Class I, Div. 1 capabilities

  • Alarms and Sensors

  • LED lighting options

  • Damp location wiring solutions

  • High voltage grounding options

  • Unistrut integration

  • Unique application needs


  • Grade I – single or double

  • Grade II – single or double

  • Integrated windows (security glass)

  • Panic bar exit device options

  • Roll-up doors (internal or external drums)

  • Hatch access

  • Bulkhead access

  • Sliding or bifold style options

  • Nonmetallic options


  • Drop-over

  • Integrate steel base

  • Crane or Fork-liftable

  • Built-in containment reservoirs


  • Any Interior and Exterior color option is available

  • Gloss or Texture finish available


  • Forced or Convective ventilation

  • Heating options

  • A/C options

Specialty Needs

  • Alarms

  • Sensors

  • Customer equipment pre-installation

  • Unique bulk-heads

  • Unique Configurations


Mekco Fiberglass Building Features

1. Structurally-cored advanced composite building panels for greater insulation, strength, and stiffness values. Energy efficient space-saving profile.

2. Engineered freestanding roof systems offers high snow capability and absolute reliability in the harshest conditions.

3. Removable lifting eyes for optional placement or easy access to obstructed equipment.

4. Full-access FRP doors with industrial grade hardware and custom ventilation options.

5.  Ready-to-power electrical feeds and other systems to streamline your final installation and minimize on-site labor costs.

6.  Custom sensors and lighting to ensure that safety measures are at the forefront of design.

7.  Custom color options to fit your environment.


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About Mekco® Fiberglass Buildings

MEKCO fiberglass buildings have been serving industry since 1979. These buildings can be found in every state of the Union – and well beyond. Many of these buildings have been tested with the worst that Mother Nature can conjure up – from snowstorms to hurricanes and literally everything in between. MEKCO buildings are tough – in every sense of the word.

Because we make our own tooling (in-house) and have more than 200 tools in our collective “library”, MEKCO fiberglass buildings are 100% customizable. Go ahead, toss us a curveball. We take great pride in providing the customer with exactly what they need – nothing more and nothing less. MEKCO does not stock buildings nor do we subscribe to a one-size-fits-all solution to your unique building needs.    

At MEKCO we pride ourselves in quality and timing. Just because your building is unique doesn’t mean you’ll need to wait months to receive it. Most of our custom buildings are ready to ship within 3-4 weeks of production sign-off. Sometimes even faster. We operate on the premise of lean manufacturing and have a staff and supply chain that believes in being nimble. We look forward to the opportunity to tackle your unique challenge.

- Adam Schneider, President