Introducing the Mekco Onsite System

Modular Job Site office for a variety of work environments

The Mekco Onsite System is a mobile, fully-integrated, plug and play modular job site office, robustly constructed for a variety of work environments.

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Welcome to Mekco, I am Adam Schneider and today we are introducing our Mekco Onsite System. This is a fully molded fiberglass entity for a plethora of uses in the industrial world. Whether it be an on-site solution for a manufacturing setting, perhaps a mobile pop-up store, or something in between. Today we're going to go through the benefits and features of this unique system.

Adam Standing in front of the exterior of the Mekco Onsite System

Steel Based Frame

So every good solution starts with a solid foundation and this Mekco Onsite system is no different. We have a steel constructed base, fully welded, one solid piece, two-part polyurethane painted that's actually insulated from the underside. So that's so you could use this in say a parking lot on a gravel driveway and not feel that cold penetration from below.

Adam showing the steel based frame of the Onsite system

Forklift Access Points

This solid steel base comes with integrated pick points such that you can pick up the whole building with a heavy-duty forklift, a skytrak, or perhaps even a skid loader. As you can see the two points on this side are also emulated on the other side as well.

Adam pointing to the forklift access points

Single Power Connection

All Mekco Onsite Systems simply require a plug-and-play solution. Here we have 30 amps, 240 volts of incoming power to power and energize our whole system. From an infrastructural stance, this is all you need to power your Mekco Onsite System. We're also able to lock the device once it isn't energized keeping vandals and theft from occurring.

Adam plugging in the single power connection outlet

Secure Entry

All Mekco Onsite Systems come with a programmable entryway lock which you are able to set and code as you wish.

Adam using the programmable entryway lock to get in the onsite system

LED Lighting

As we enter the building, the first thing you'll notice is that we have integrated LED lights that will come standard on every Mekco Onsite System.

100 AMP Electrical Panel

The other thing you'll notice is that every Mekco Onsite System has a 100 amp, 120 volt single-phase panel board. As you see we have room to grow inside of this particular configuration, but everything is governed by this panel board from the air-conditioner heater unit, through the various receptacles inclusive of the lighting as well.

Adam in front of the 100 AMP electrical panel inside the onsite system

Heating/Air Conditioning

Every Mekco Onsite System has some degree of heating or air-conditioning depending on your location and intrinsic needs. In this case, we have a dual air conditioner/heating unit before us.

Onsite system air conditioning unit

Safety Features

Safety is in everything we do at Mekco. You can see here we have a smoke and carbon monoxide detector, a fire extinguisher on the wall, and the air conditioning unit actually has a HEPA filtration system integrated as well.

The onsite system smoke and carbon monoxide detector

Custom Work Surface

So now we get to the business end of the building. Here we have a custom-tailored desk that will actually mate into the wall. You'll see that it's a laminated desk with a three millimeter PVC edge banding to it. It'll be very robust and durable for setting heavy objects up on this desk as well as doing a physical work. We also outfit the electrical elements to have receptacles that are inclusive of USB charging points. You can also integrate things like filing cabinets, computer monitors and setting it up really to your liking.

One unique feature of the desk is that we have no impeding bracketry that is there to bend your knees on. Everything actually conforms at a 90-degree angle from the wall to the desk immediately.

Screen Shot 2018-11-07 at 7.36.37 PM.png

Integrated Insulation/Plywood

All of our Mekco Onsite Systems have an insulated wall and the insulation has actually enveloped inside of the fiberglass. In this case, we're standing inside of an r7 insulated wall and ceiling unit. That insulation does a couple things: one it maintains the temperature that's being sought, whether it's heated or air-conditioned, but it also keeps the outside noise out. This r7 insulation will actually attenuate the sound by about 22 decibels.

What's unique about fiberglass is while it's attenuating the sound it's not attenuating things like wireless signals and cell phone signals. So, I can jump on my cell phone and take a call as if I were out in the open air. (Fiberglass is RF transparent)

You'll also notice that we have integrated, hardcore plywood into certain aspects of the wall. This will facilitate mounting shelves or other heavier wall mounted equipment as you deem fit.

Panic Bar Exit

We mentioned earlier that we have a programmable entryway lock. It's also important to point out the benefits and features of having a panic bar exit device as well. As an automatic door closure should you need to get out in the event of an emergency. There are no buttons to push so you're ready to rock.

This concludes our presentation of the Mekco Onsite System. To learn more you can visit our Onsite System product page or contact us for more information.

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