At MEKCO, we like to start every project, no matter its size or scope, with a crisp vision of what “done” looks like. The process of “beginning with the end in mind” (credit to Steve Covey here) ensures that an installed product matches the initial need portrayed by a customer’s call or initial email request.  

Here is our 5 step process:

1. Needs analysis

Every project has a purpose, whether that be protecting sensitive electrical equipment from the elements or aesthetically blending a structure into its surroundings. We take pride in our ability to listen to and understand your needs. We can only provide an efficient and economical solution to meet your unique needs if we take the time to actively listen.



Every project at MEKCO begins with one of our mechanical engineers designing and depicting what the finished project will look like, measure, and even weigh. Projects will detail the location of light switches, load centers, exhaust fans, pick-points, and even the center of mass can be identified – all with a 3D representation (renderings and videos are also available). This information can be utilized to proactively communicate with installation and rigging crews – saving precious time and money in later stages of the project.

3. Project review


Active planning and formal review with the customer ensure final form, fit, and function. We take great pride working with the customer in this step to make sure everyone is targeting the same vision of “done”.



This is where the rubber meets the road. Our team of skilled craftsmen apply the exacting measures of FRP fabrication. Ratios, temperatures, weights, thicknesses, and chemistry are important in the world of FRP, but it is our experienced team and active communication processes that make the difference. We are proud to apply the MEKCO logo to all of our work.


Perfect execution of your project needs is immaterial if it doesn’t get to you in immaculate condition. Our manufacturing pride carries through the packaging, shipping, and follow-up processes.